Deer Isle Granite Installations

Sites and installations of Deer Isle Granite, dates shipped, and local quarries responsible for the stone quarrying and cutting contracts.

Note abbreviations for local quarries:
Crotch Island (large island with separately owned quarries (CI)
The Settlement Quarry, Oceanville Rd., Stonington (S)
Green Island (GI)
St. Helena Island (SHI)

Croton Aquaduct, NY,1880, Job Goss, Sr. (CI)
Harlem River Bridge, Manhattan, NYC, 1880, Goss and Small (CI)
Monuments, New London, CT, c1880’s,Casey (CI
Approaches to Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan, NYC, 1880’s, Goss Quarry(CI)
Market St./Schuylkill River Bridge, Philadelphia, PA , 1885, Thurlow Bros. (CI)
Stone for bridge for Canadian Railway System, c1880’s, Carroll and Shields (CI)
US Post Office building, Lowell MA , c1890, John L. Goss (CI)
Providence, RI bridge and dam, 1890’s, Goss and Small, (CI)
Holyoke, MA dam, 1890’s, Goss and Small (CI)
Willis Ave. Bridge,(Bronx/Manhattan) NYC,1890’s,Goss and Small (CI)
Government Dry Dock, Portsmouth.NH, 1890’s, Goss and Small (CI)
East River Bridge, Manhattan, NYC, 1901, John L. Goss (CI)
Pilgrim Monument, Provincetown, MA, 1905, John L. Goss (CI)
Cape Cod Canal, MA, rough stone, 1910, John L. Goss (CI)
Roosevelt Island [formerly Blackwell’s Island] Bridge, Manhattan, NYC,1901, Ryan and Parker (CI)
Drydock, Norfolk, VA, 1901, Ryan and Parker (CI)
Williamsburg Bridge, Manhattan, NYC, 1901, Ryan and Parker (CI)
Piers for Manhattan/Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan, 1905, Ryan and Parker (CI)
River wall, Riverside Drive, Manhattan, NYC, 1905, Ryan and Parker (CI)
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. MA, 1907, Benvenue (CI)
Hell’s Gate Bridge, Manhattan, NYC, 1912, Ryan and Parker (CI)
Rockefeller fountain bowl, Pocantico, NY, 1913, John L. Goss (CI)
Plaza Approaches to Manhattan Bridge, NYC, 1916, (GI)
Bancroft hall seal/dolphin sculpture, US Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD, 1917, J.C.Rogers (S)
Navagation School substructure, US Naval Academy, MD, 1918, J.C.Rogers, (S)
Sing Sing Prison, Ossining, NY, 1919, J.C.Rogres (S)
N.Y.County Courthouse, Manhattan, NYC, 1921, J.C.Rogers (S)
Fluted columns, N.Y. County Courthouse, Manhattan, NYC, 1923, George Fuller (S)
Pedestal for George Washington statue, West Point, NY, 1916, John L. Goss (CI)
Ground story, Federal Reserve Bank, Boston, MA, [date and local quarry unknown] Our Lady Our Lady of Perpetual Help church [site unknown],1923 to 1926, Benisch Bros. (SHI)
Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Manhattan, NYC, 1925, Deer Isle Granite (CI)
Pulitzer fountain, 5th Ave & 59th St., Manhattan, NYC, 1916, New England Stone/Deer Isle Granite (CI)
Security building, Los Angeles , CA, [date unknown], Deer Isle Granite (CI)
Triboro Bridge, Manhattan/Queens/Bronx, NYC, 1932, Deer Isle Granite (CI)
College of Education, Univ. of Maine, Orono, ME,1960’s, Deer Isle Granite (CI)
Merrill Palmer School, Detroit, MI, 1960’s, Deer Isle Granite(CI)
Carpenters Union, Headquarters, Hudson/12th St, Manhattan, NYC, 1960’s, Deer Isle Granite (CI)
John F. Kennedy Memorial, Arlington, VA, 1966, Deer Isle Granite (CI)


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