1910 Census

Following is the official 1910 census of quarrymen on Crotch Island and nearby quarries.


Q = quarry worker
S = stoneslab cutter
P = paving stone cutter
For. = foreman
Supt.  = superintendent

Augustus Anderson – S
Henry C. Arey – S
Edwin Ashworth – P
Theodore Ashworth – P
John Ashworth – P
Richard Ashworth – S
Julio Baldisaro – Q 
L.L. Banks -P
Timothy Barbour -S
Timothy W. Barbour -S
Ernest L. Bates -S
Charles E. Burdeen -Q
Elmer Burdeen -P, North
Thomas L. Bray -S, West
J. F. Brown -P
Alexander B. Brown -S
William W. Brown -S
Anton Cocran -Q
Elwin Candage -P
William Candage -P
Howard Carter -S
Sylva J. Carter -S
Arthur M. Carter -S
Howard J. Carter -S
Irvi;ng L. Carter -S
Samuel Carter – S, Main
Eugene H. Chatto -Q
Elmer Chalmers -S, Main
Artemis Chamberlain -P
Colin G. Chamberlain – P
Charles A. Cleveland -Q, Greenhead
Samuel Coid -S, Main
William Coid – S
Howard Cody – S,School
M. E. Cousins – S, East Ave.
Antonio Crega – Q, Crotch Island
John Crega – Q, Crotch Island
Alexander Dalgell -S
Augustus Denham -Q
George Eaton -Supt. {retired; blinded at quarry}
Frank Emerson -Q, Crotch Island
John J. Farrell -S
James Gamble -P, Main
William H. Gross -Supt.
Joseph Grava -Q, Crotch Island
Harland L. Gray -Q
Hallis Gray -F
Alfred B. Greenlaw -S
James B. Hanblen -S, West
Jessie Hamblen -S, West
George K. Hamblen – S
Durbon Harriman -Q
Walter G. Hart -Q, West
Leon M. Hart -Q
Charles L. Haskell – Q
James A. Hutchinson – Q, East Ave.
John H. Jordan -S
John Joyce -S
Stillman Joyce -S, Main
Tildon H. Knowlton -Q
Joseph Liali -Q
John Love -P
George P. Marr -S, Main
Austila Masa -Q, Oceanville
Louis Matthews -Q
Willard Matthews -Q
Willard McCauley – Q
Larbey McCauley – Q
Elmer McCauley -Q
Jas. McGuffie -P
Frank McGuire – Supt.
William McKenzie – Supt.
John A. McNevin -Q, Main
Floyd Merithew – Q
Alexander Milne -P
C.P.Moon -Supt.
Hiram L. Morey -For.
David C. Morris -P, Main
Forest V. Nevils – S.,
Alex Nobile – Engineer
Dante Pelecelli – Q, East Ave.
John L. Pendleton -S
William Perry -Q
Arthur Perry -Q
Henry Perry -S
H.L.Perbins -P
Carlo Petro -S
Joseph Petro -Q
Ferrara Piera -Q
William B. Pinkham -Q
Myron F. Pooler -Q
Lawrence Pressey -Q
Witt Richardson -Q
Charles E. Robbins -Q
J.H. Robbins -For.
Timothy L. Robbins – Q
Tony Ramasco -Q
Mike Ramasco -Q
John F. Sawyer -Q
S.J.T. Sawyer -S, East Ave.
Freeman Sellers -S
C.V. Small – Supt.
Ernest E. Smith -Q
Frank J.Smith -S, Main
William C. Smith -For.
Charles Spargo -Q, West
Howard G. Spofford -Q
Frank Stale -Q, D.I. Rd.
Philip Steran -Q
Bernard Stinson, S, West
Jessie Stinson -Q
Irving Stinson -Q
Alfred Stinson -Q
Andred Stinson -Q
Grover Stinson -Q
William E. Stinson – S
Maynard L. Stinson -S
Charles Stockbridge -S
Clifford Torrey -Q, Moose Island
Giovanni Tessori -Q
C.C. Thurlow – Supt.
Charles H. Tracy -P
Roy E. Traverse -Q
George Trendy -Q
Patrick Turley -P
Leo Turley -P
John G. Tyler -S
Wilbert P. Tyler -S
Antone Versand -Q ,Burnt Cove
Steven Webb -Q, North
Ernest Weed -Q, Main
Fred Wescott -Q, Main
Malcolm Williams -Q
Thomas Williams -For.
Edmund Wood, Q


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